Caitlin and Mike’s Rocking Wedding at the Boston College Club

From the moment I met Caitlin and Mike I knew their wedding was going to be fun, but I had no idea how much it was going to ROCK! Back when Caitlin met Mike at BC he played base in a band and very much looked the part, with hair all the way past his shoulders. The day of his wedding though his hair was perfectly coiffed, but Mike did keep a bit of scruff to retain a hint of his rock star edge. Caitlin was totally polished and an absolute vision in her champagne colored wedding dress. When the two hit the dance floor for their first dance no one could take their eyes off the stunning couple. Their gazes were firmly locked on the other’s eyes and a look of absolute bliss radiated on their faces.

The day started out at the Langham, one of my favorite hotels to shoot in. The rooms are 2 stories, allowing you to get a cool dress shot and they have giant windows for great natural light. The hotel also has many signature pink items that included pink macaroons that made for a perfect set up for a ring shot. While I shot the dress and the rings, my second shooter Tracy Shaw got shots of the guys getting ready. As always the guys take much less time to get ready so she was able to come back and assist me with shooting the girls putting the finishing touches on Caitlin’s look for the day. Upon entering the bridal suite, Caitlin’s dad was brought to tears seeing his beautiful girl all dressed up in her weddingfinery. Then it was time to leave for the church. I was thrilled when I got outside to find out that Black Tie Limo was going to be handling all the transportation that day. These guys are PHENOMENAL at what they do. This is the 3rd wedding I’ve had the privilege to work with them. They take care of the couple as if they are family, and pretty much act as my photo assistants, helping to carry light stands, helping hold purses, etc during shots. I have never experienced any other limo company that delivers such amazing customer service as Black Tie Limo. Trust me when I say you get so much more than just a limo that day when you book them for your wedding!

The ceremony was held at the lovely St. Ignatius Church. The service was very personal since the priest was Caitlin’s cousin. After the ceremony the bridal party was whisked away to Boston College for our formal shots. Even though it was surprisingly chilly out everyone was a good sport. Once we were done with formals we had the chance to do some creative shots with Caitlin and Mike. We had so much fun! Just like during their engagement session, they were game for anything. The close-up of Caitlin and her flowers is easily one of my favorite shots of the day, and it is quickly becoming one of my signature shots. When my brides get their make up done professionally it often really dramatically sets off their eyes. I find this shot really showcases them. The last stop on our tour of BC was the Conte Forum. Mike is a HUGE hockey fan. Caitlin graciously gave up time at one of her preferred spots so that Mike could get his dream shot by the rink. What a great wife! She posed all sweet and pretty for the shots but I said, “Oh come on, show us how we’d expect you to feel standing in a hockey rink on your wedding day!” Mike loved that shot best of all.

Upon finishing up at BC it was time to go back into the city for the reception at the Boston College Club. I love it when a couple has their wedding there because every member of the staff–from the wonderful private events director, Sara Lavanchy, all the way to each and every one of the servers–are all incredibly friendly and helpful. Each table was decorated with a center piece made of red roses and little signs with the street names of different important places to Caitlin and Mike, like Gerald, the street Caitlin lived on when she met Mike. Little personal details like this can really make your wedding fun for your guests while sitting down eating. Speaking of eating, Caitlin and Mike were sweet and got us the same meals as everyone else instead of vendor meals, so I can tell you first hand, the food was DELISH!!!! The presentation was like that of a fine restaurant to boot.

The speeches that night were particularly memorable. Mid speech Caitlin’s sister had Mike place his hands on top of her hands, and then said “Now, remember this moment and cherish it… because this will be the last time you’ll ever have the upper hand!”. This brought about roars of laughter from everyone. Then her sister ended the speech by presenting Caitlin with a surprise gift, that I think was frankly much more of a gift for Mike than it was for Caitlin. It was a hockey jersey from Mike’s favorite team that read MRS CRAPARO on the back. By the grin that came across Mike’s face, it’s quite possible that Mike actually liked Caitlin in that jersey even better than seeing her in her wedding dress. Mike’s brother also delivered a hilarious speech that detailed some rather interesting hijinks that will go unmentioned here that the two of them got into when they were younger.

That night I was thrilled to make use of the Boston College Club’s stunning views of the Charles River when shooting the fantastic work of art that was their wedding cake from Konditor Meister. But wedding cakes are made to be eaten and it was time for Mike and Caitlin to cut into theirs. Upon slicing into the cake, the same thought that crossed my mind on my own wedding day popped into Mike’s. Wouldn’t it be fun to lick the knife??? Now I didn’t act on this thought, but Mike did! I love this series of images from the inception of the idea, to the execution, to Caitlin’s discovery of what has just transpired. The night ended with the dance floor heating up to the sounds of DC Project Band. They had an amazing range of music for the evening, from classic rock to hip hop, and they even did a little free styling. After marrying the girl of his dreams and partying down with all his friends and family, Mike was sure the night couldn’t possibly get any better. But then it did! He got to end his wedding in true rock star style…crowd surfing! I have a feeling it’ll be years before I get to see a wedding rock that hard ever again! But one thing is for sure, Caitlin and Mike will keep rocking for ages.

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