If I have a camera in my hand, I am happy. I specialize in headshots and wedding photography. But you name it, I have probably shot it at one point or another.

I’m proud to say that I consistently get 5-star reviews Google Business, Yelp, Wedding Wire, and the Knot. I’m a Couple’s Choice award winner and theknot.com Best of Weddings™ winner whose wedding photography style is a mix of artistic photojournalism and editorial fine art portraiture. I’m there to capture those special moments that make your day so unique, but also strive to make sure that you get the beautifully composed portraits that you and your family members will surely want made into stunning canvas gallery wraps and archival quality prints.

My goal as your photographer is to make your entire wedding experience–from the planning stages, to the day of your wedding, and all the activities that follow such as sharing images with family and friends, client proofing and album production–as fun and easy as possible. My reputation for putting my clients first has earned me a spot speaking at Kevin Kubota’s 2012 Photographers Ignite Presentation on CreativeLive.

When I’m your photographer, I am there not only to document your event, but to help in any way that I can.  Be it a bobby pin, helping to bustle the bride’s dress, re-curling your hair, providing double sided sticky tape, fixing a hook and eye, a breath mint, emergency snacks, or getting your guests up on the dance floor, I’ll be there for you.  Why do I do all that?  Because I want to make your day easy and stress free for you, and that is a recipe for beautiful photographs and a day of wonderful memories. To facilitate this, I will meet with the couple prior to the day of the wedding. I prefer to meet people in person, but if necessary the consult can take place over the phone or via Skype. During that time I’ll go over the schedule for the day with you, and with your input, I will create a basic shot list. If there are some shots that are more important to you and your families than others, you’ll have a chance to specify that. The day of the wedding, I’ll have the names of the immediate members of your family and bridal party memorized so that I can interact with them better.   I will also work with you to understand what type of interaction you want to have with me and my 2nd shooters on the day of the event. If you want your every move documented or you’d rather the guests be the center of my attention, you can feel comfortable knowing I will listen to what you want.

I absolutely love my job and am so thankful that I get to do this for a living.

I typically have a smile this wide during a shoot.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I really do genuinely care about every one of my clients.  By the end of the day, I think of them more as friends. I think that really shows when you read my reviews from my previous clients on sites like WeddingWirethe KnotYelp, and Google places.

In addition to loving my job, other things I love include: my incredible husband and children (more than words can say), dancing, our mutt extraordinaire Buddy, pretty much all animals, science museums and aquariums, surrealism, my canon 5D MkIII, dessert (especially a good wedding cake),  and my incredibly supportive friends and family.

How did Vail get into photography?

My love of photography started early. For my 8th birthday, my mother gave me her old SLR from the 1970s.  As I got older, this hobby turned into a passion. I was the photo editor of my high school’s yearbook 3 years in a row. The bulk of my job included photographing the athletic teams. There I learned the importance of capturing both the event and the story behind it. Amongst the school’s coaches, I developed the reputation of being the photographer who was willing to do just about anything to get the perfect shot, such as taking photos from atop the 3 meter diving board to get a shot of a perfect mid-air summersault dive. After high school, I attended the University of Pennsylvania where I met my husband Matt and got my degree in Bioengineering.  While there, I took electives in photography and design, and nearly every free moment was spent taking photos or developing them in the dark room.  I even lucked out and had the privilege of taking a course that really changed the way I shot things from Steven H. Begleiter, who began his career as first photo assistant for Annie Leibovitz.

Still thinking photography was just a hobby, I continued on with my other childhood dream (to get a doctorate) and got my Ph.D. in bioethics at Case Western in 2009. But over those years, my love of photography was becoming much stronger than my love for academia. After attending many a wedding and hearing from my friends and family that the shots I took were better than those of the hired pros, and at the supportive urging of my husband, I decided to take the plunge and started Fucci’s Photos (Now Vail Fucci Photography) so that my passion could become my profession. To gain experience in wedding photography, I was a second shooter and assistant for Daniel McGarrity in Washington, DC. Using the skills Daniel imparted to me, I have gone on to shoot weddings both large and small and win a variety of awards.

In 2012 I started to shoot fashion and beauty photography at New York City’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion week and became a member of the international press corps.  In 2012 I also had the honor of speaking at Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite event in New York City where I encouraged wedding photographers to strip away the negative stereotypes that have plagued our industry.  To get a little bit more of a feel for my personality, check out my Photographers Ignite presentation.


Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.  I can’t wait to get to know you better!