When you are putting on an event or brand activation around the Boston Metro area you need a photographer that will get perfectly executed step and repeat photos that will represent your brand well and in a timely manner so as to avoid long photo lines.  My team and I take step and repeat photos to a whole new level. We give quick posing guidance and notice when things like hair or shirts are looking out of place.  Our subjects really appreciate this attention to detail.  Then we make the experience as fun and quick as possible while we grab a variety of angles and shots.  Attendees then get their images delivered IMMEDIATELY to their phones via the photo sharing platform Spot My Photos.  Each person photographed gets their own private gallery that only includes photos they are in.  The gallery can include your organization’s own custom branding.  The lighting we bring will be dependent on the space available for the shoot.  We can bring strobes with soft boxes or umbrellas of varying sizes, constant lights, or can use on camera flash for the absolute smallest footprint.  Our lighting is is highly flattering and consistent.  If you want the absolute best in step and repeat photography in the Boston Metro Area, Vail Fucci Photography is the way to go.


Vail Fucci Photography is available to cover corporate events for $500/hr. This rate includes the high resolution JPG files with royalty free reprint rights and the use of Spot My Photos instant photo sharing.