Making my clients happy is my number one goal.   Vail Fucci Photography (previously named Fucci’s Photos) was named one of Boston’s Best Wedding Photographers by CBS Boston and I think the following sampling of our reviews may help you understand why.

Sandy Falk, MD. On LinkedIn – Vail is the greatest. Bottom line, she takes great photographs. But also she was great about giving prep instructions and made the whole photo shoot experience fun. I would recommend her for any professional who wants an updated head shot!

Jackie C. On Yelp – I loved working with Vail! I was looking for new professional headshots and Vail was so easy to work with and I love the photos she took. She really listened to what I was looking for in terms of the photos and made the process of getting them done actually fun and enjoyable. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer and I would absolutely work with Vail again myself.

Christopher M. on – Let me start out by saying that Vail is the best photographer you’re going to get – hands down. The level of professionalism with a personal touch is higher than I could have ever expected. Vail was available through phone, email, and Facebook to help plan out the details of what we wanted. She scoped out the location before the wedding and felt comfortable telling us the location we chose might not be the best for photos and suggested an even better place (thank goodness she did). She showed up to my wife’s house early and helped her out with her dress and gave her encouraging words. She will do anything to get the perfect shot. She rolls with the punches – when we wanted to have a few shots on the beach, she gave me some garbage bags to put on my feet so my shoes would not be covered in sand. When my wife’s hair started to lose it’s curls, she had a curling iron ready for her to go. The pictures came out PERFECTLY.  After the wedding, we went to visit her at her home and she had even made us cookies while we looked through our photos! I can’t recommend this woman enough, if you choose her for your wedding, engagement, or anything else I promise you that you will not regret it.

Lauren D. on – Perfection! My husband and I could not be more grateful for our experience with Vail. From the very beginning, she was responsive, professional and detail-oriented. She made sure that we were at complete ease leading up and during the wedding. She also thinks of everything…from touching up my make-up at the end of the night to actually sewing my bustle in the middle of the reception…she was a wedding saver! And what’s even better, is that her photographs are truly enchanting. She really told our story through her photos, and captured some of the most heartfelt moments of our day. Great experience and memories for always!

Matthew L. on – We called Vail because of her amazing portfolio of journalistic and formal shots. Few people can do both. The portraits looked natural, and she captured emotions like few others can. SHORT VERSION – her pictures of our wedding day were magnificent, and we couldn’t have hoped for more. MORE DETAIL – After a few minutes of speaking with her, we knew she was the one – and OHMIGOSH are we lucky we did. Vail was there for us, literally there for us, every step of the way. Her responsiveness is unbelievable – and Vail was a guide through the whole wedding process. Vail’s care and compassion carries over into every single thing she does. A few immediate family members have memory and mobility issues. Vail drove to our hotel a month before (more than an hour from her house), scouted around, and found amazing locations right in the hotel parking lot. After the wedding, we heard similar stories from other family members about how Vail swooped in and made a situation better. She did so many behind the scenes kindnesses, that many in our family even called her our guardian angel. I think there’s some truth to this. Vail is known as the dancing photographer – and here’s the scoop. Vail is an amazing dancer – but she dances to capture the wonder of the event. She dances to get people dancing- during a lull in our reception, Vail got a dance circle going, complete with people clapping. Then she hopped out, pulled the bride and me (groom) for one of the best photo ops ever. Time and time again, we were blown away by her creativity. Did I mention the pictures were BREATHTAKING? Vail is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met. Since the photographer is the person you spend most of your day with, the fact that she is one of the most wonderful people we have ever met almost guarantees you will have the day of your dreams. With Vail’s help, we did. And we are so blessed she was there to capture it.

Katie H. on – Vail was wonderful!! From our first conversation to her flawless and hard work on our wedding day, Vail put us at ease and made us confident that the pictures would turn out amazing. And they did! She is a true pleasure to work with, incredibly detail oriented, and responds to emails very quickly. She gets to know you and listens to how you would like your photos to look overall. She is kind and professional as well. Vail was much more than just a photographer on the wedding day. She arrived early to set up, kept everyone on schedule through out the day and evening, and even brought out her sewing kit to fix my belt when I was getting ready! I felt that Vail went above and beyond to capture the best wedding photos. She spent a few hours the week before the wedding scouting out the scene and places to capture photos. She knew our immediate family and wedding party by names in order to help people feel comfortable and keep formal pictures efficient. Vail also was genuinely happy for my husband and I and was excited to be a part of our day. This meant the most to me, as you spend a good portion of your wedding day with your photographer. I would highly recommend Vail to any future brides!!!!

Caitlyn F. on – There are a lot of great photographers in Massachusetts, but Vail Fucci is so much more than a great photographer. We knew as soon as we met Vail she was the one we wanted for our wedding. We had amazing vendors, but Vail ended up being the very BEST decision we made. Vail does one wedding per weekend, visits the venue beforehand to check out lighting & the best spots for photos, and truly wants the bride & groom to have an amazing, stress-free wedding day. Our engagement photos were included in the package, and I chose to do them on the coldest day in February on the beach. (my mistake) Vail made the best of it, staying upbeat & bubbly, getting great shots and warming us up in her car between takes. But our wedding day was when Vail really became the ultimate wedding photographer.  Vail knew the best way to get me into my dress, smoothed away potential back fat, got my husband to smile & laugh when he was nervous, called everyone in the wedding party & family member by name (which led to very fast & efficient photos!) had double sided tape to stick feathers back to my dress, got a bandaid when my husband cut his finger before the first dance, and danced to get my flower girl to smile in the pictures! Our friends kept asking where we found such a fantastic photographer, & my married friends kept saying, “my photographer never did that!” We are so thankful that we found Vail, I hope every couple is so lucky. We highly recommend Vail & Fucci’s Photos, you will not be disappointed, and she will exceed your expectations!

Caitlyn S. on – I had the tough task of planning an out of state wedding, but when it came to photography, you wouldn’t have known it because Vail made everything so easy and went above and beyond. While I had sworn off an engagement shoot due to difficulty scheduling a trip to Boston, Vail made the trip down to me. The day of our wedding, Vail was my photographer and de facto wedding coordinator. She somehow managed to capture the most intimate, hilarious, and precious of memories while at the same time fixing dresses, hair, ensuring we were all warm on an unseasonably cool day, and that the young kids were well entertained. That Vail shoots beautiful photographs is a given. She’s an artist. What she also provides, unlike other photographers, is a contagious spirit of happiness, energy and dancing that inspires guests and ensures that everyone has a fantastic time.

Ali W. on – Vail goes absolutely above and beyond- she made our day so special and made us feel completely comfortable and at ease. Everyone at the wedding loved her- and every one in the wedding party raved about how awesome she was. She made me feel completely at ease, and anything I had forgotten to do, she was on top of. When everyone disappeared when it came time to put together my bustle, Vail was the only one who could figure it out! She felt like not only my photographer, but also my friend. You would be crazy to NOT hire her!! By far the best vendor at my wedding.

Kelly M. on – Vail of Fucci’s Photos is such a special photographer. It has been said throughout these reviews, but she really is kind, dedicated and FUN. Here are three examples to give you an idea of how special she is. #1) On the day of my wedding, I stepped through part of the lace overlay of my dress when walking from our photo site to the reception. I was so upset, the party hadn’t even started yet! Vail takes out a full sewing kit from her bag and stitched the dress up before we joined the party! #2) Prior to our big day, she was so prepared. She made cards of our entire bridal party and family with photos and knew them all by name. This made things efficient for formal photographs and made everyone feel special. She also visited the ceremony and reception sites on her own to meet the staff, figure out lighting and take some shots. #3) She delivered our wedding photographs to our house with brownies because she wanted to see our excitement as we looked through them and have a chance to say “thanks” and “goodbye” I wish nothing but the best for Vail and Fucci’s Photos and know that she is going big places. Hire her if you can!

Erica K. on – Vail is the most incredible photographer, and she absolutely was the highlight of our wedding – not only for myself and my husband, but also for all of our family and friends! She is such a wonderful, enthusiastic, fun, and all-around fabulous person – not to mention an outstandingly talented photographer! She is also so professional in everything that she does. She is always prepared for every meeting and photo shoot, and she makes everything feel easy and effortless. She toured our photo sites ahead of time, so that it was just so fun and easy once we actually met to take the pictures. At the wedding itself, she was just so amazingly fun and exciting to work with, and everyone (ranging from my 3 year old nephew to my 97 year old grandfather) just ADORED her. All in all, it was truly a JOY to work with Vail, and I hope that we remain friends with her long after the wedding is over! You would be CRAZY not to choose vail as your photographer, because she is unbelievably gifted as a photographer and terrific as a person!

Jess M. on – I believe she is the best photographer you can find! My husband found Vail’s website while stationed in Korea. We were very excited to find someone that fit our price range and our style. She was very accommodating, we scheduled our first meeting near my college campus between my classes. It was awesome to work with someone so kind. She did an engagement shoot for us, in between all the chaos of the month my husband was home before we headed back overseas. She even had our pictures edited and copied for us to have before we left 2 weeks after the wedding. It was absolutely amazing. On the big day she was so helpful and respectful! She was prepared and even more prompt than I, the bride was. She helped in so many ways to relax both my husband and I talking us through everything. At our engagement shoot, she even gave us a quick dancing lesson. I hope Vail and I will remain friends for a long time. She has done so much for us. She even helped me with a 1st anniversary boudoir surprise for my husband. I made a trip from GA to Boston to see her. I wouldn’t have anyone else. Thank you Vail for everything!

Stan D. on yelp  – Vail went all out to make sure that we have memories to treasure from our wedding in August 2011. Before the ceremony, she scouted the location, memorized the names of all the people in the wedding party, and went above and beyond to be prepared. The day of the wedding was challenging, to say the least, as hurricane Irene decided to make an appearance. Vail saved the day – she was able to adjust and take some great shots indoors, and then, when the weather let up a little bit, ushered us outdoors for a few precious outdoor pictures. What I enjoyed the most about working with Vail is that she genuinely loves weddings – and it shows in the beautiful photos that she takes.

Katherine M. on – Vail from Fucci’s Photos was great! She was really helpful throughout the whole night. Vail did a great job capturing all of the important moments and she really went above and beyond in her coverage of the ceremony and reception. She also was very prompt in delivering the photos after the wedding which was greatly appreciated!

Beth H. on – Fucci’s Photos was the best vendor of the whole wedding. Vail is energetic, efficient, flexible, responsive, and a delightful person. Several guests commented on how great she is. Her focus on customer service stands out–although inclement weather prevented us from taking the family pictures outside, at the end of the reception after everyone had left she offered to take some pictures of just me and the groom outside (it had stopped raining by that time). These impromptu outside pictures (which were taken at no extra charge) ended up being the best ones. We love our pictures and would absolutely recommend Fucci’s Photos.

Reshama and Amol N. – Vail is super awesome, super fun, super personable, and a gifted photographer. She makes a tremendous effort to get to know you and your loved ones before the event (takes down names, pronounciations, etc). She tailors the photography to your needs; for example, if you don’t like the constantly “in your face” style, she keeps her distance; if you like to feel like you’re being followed by the paparazzi, she’s right there with lights flashing!!! Afterwards, she’s great at editing your shots and getting you your pictures ASAP! And, Vail’s just a fun person to stay friends with after! We loved her!!!!

Socialite Event Management on – Vail is a FABULOUS photographer! As a newlywed herself, Vail is in touch with what a bride desires on her big day (and what she’d like to see once it’s over)! She has an amazing spirit that exudes through her body of work and a level of professionalism that surpasses most in the industry. She is nothing but a joy to work with and I look forward to partnering with her again in the future!

Jennifer C. on Google Places –  Fucci Photos did an excellent and amazing job delivering the perfect maternity photo shoot. They gave great direction, customer service and made my husband and me feel very comfortable through the whole process. Fucci Photos captured that unique memory of being pregnant with creative lighting, appropriate poses and excellent selection of final photos to choose from. We felt Fucci Photos captured the love we have for our baby in every picture. We can’t wait to share these still moments of time with our friends, family and future children. Thank you Fucci Photos! We hope other parents-to-be will take advantage of this award winning photography service!

Molly P. – “I’ve wanted to take the time to properly thank you for your work at our wedding. You were great, everyone was impressed by you, and I’m so thankful for your ethical passion for the art.   I’ve looked through the photos, with a constant smile, and they look fabulous! Everyone loved you and loves the images! Thank you for such quick processing. I will definitely recommend you in the future.”

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