When you are putting on an awards ceremony in and around the Boston Metro area you need an event photographer that knows how to get all the shots on your list while being as kind and personable as possible with your honorees and guests.  We will get you the close up shots of your speakers and award recipients, the story telling wide shots, pictures of the room setup, shots of the winners on stage and in front of branded step and repeats, instagram worthy shots of the awards, food and beverages, and all that happens in between with a smile on our faces and delivered to your attendees phones in real time.  Yes, you read that correctly.  REAL TIME IMAGE DELIVERY! Awardees love that they have the professional images of them receiving their award to share on social media within moments of them getting their award.  Your organization can even have a branded overlay on the images.   

If you need group shots taken, we will get guide the participants into position in an entertaining fashion so that they are in a flattering pose that will ensure that everyone in the image is seen and looks their best.  We can work with as little or as much direction as you would like to provide. With the inclusion of real time image delivery, the photography can be part of the entertainment provided as well.  Our goal at the end of the day is to be the most fun and easy photographers you have ever worked with while providing you the best results as well.  


Vail Fucci Photography is available to cover corporate events for $500/hr. This rate includes the high resolution JPG files with royalty free reprint rights and the use of Spot My Photos instant photo sharing.