Nicole and Steve’s Sunny Engagement Session

With Steve’s busy schedule, finding a time to do an engagement session was tough. We had cancelled their shoot before due to weather concerns. But with the number of days before their wedding switching into the single digits, we had to just roll with whatever mother nature threw our way. Coincidentally, the day we were able to do the shoot was the day Hurricane Sandy was just starting to roll in. But this didn’t affect Nicole and Steve one bit! The two were still incredibly upbeat and ready for anything. We did a series of shots inside their building while the heavier bands of rain went by, and when it let up we did a quick shoot outside. As an unexpected benefit, Sandy provided a great natural wind machine for Nicole’s beautiful hair. Since they opted to take shots without the umbrella, combined with their sunny dispositions, you could barely even see in the shots that it was raining. I really loved when the two of them would just bust out laughing mid pose. It showed how they genuinely are as a couple: adorable, sweet, funny, and affectionate. At the end of the shoot Nicole happened to notice that Steve just happened to lean against the wall looking all super suave. I said WAIT! HOLD THAT POSE! The last shot is the result of this spontaneous moment of male modeling. Nice job Steve!

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  1. Nicole

    I LOVE the pics!! They came out so good! See you later on today at our wedding!

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