With Jamahl by her side, Brittany can do anything!

Before the engagement shoot started, Brittany warned me that she was more than just a little camera shy. She’s one of those people who has a heart the size of the world and always places her attention on everyone else and never on herself. I told her no worries, this wouldn’t be a shoot that was going to be all about her posing, rather it was going to be about her and Jamahl, or Mahly as she calls him, just being them. The first moments in front of the camera you could see Brittany’s nerves as she stared into the barrel of my camera, but then Jamahl took her into his arms, and all her fears melted away. Seeing that transformation right in front of my eyes was magical. The two were perfectly in sync and just so very supportive of each other. It was so beautiful that at points I couldn’t hold back the tears. At the end of the shoot Brittany affirmed what I already knew was the case, with her wonderful Mahly by her side, she can do anything!


The couple lives in Texas but will be having their wedding in Boston since Jamahl is from Newton. They choose to have their engagement shots taken in his old neighborhood since his childhood home is going to be torn down soon to build a new one in its place. Choosing a location that has meaning to you is always a great idea for your engagement shoot.

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