How to avoid having the appearance of a double chin in your wedding photos

Many of my customers express concern that they will have a double chin in their wedding photos like the one I’m demonstrating in the photo below.

The way to avoid this is through proper posing. I put together the following video that demonstrates how to do a technique regularly used in the fashion industry that Tyra Banks calls “the turtle”. World renowned photographers Matthew Jordan Smith (who shoots celebrities and fashion models of the likes of Oprah and Tyra Banks) and Sue Bryce (who makes the rest of us look like super models) use this technique with their clients, and now you can do it in your own photos too!


When the chin is forward and away from the neck you get great chin definition and the eyes appear larger. If you have your chin back and up, your eyes look smaller and shows off your nostrils. The key thing to remember when doing this technique is to keep your shoulders back as you bring your chin forward and down. And remember, doing “the turtle” doesn’t have to be limited to your wedding day, you can use this simple posing tip for the rest of your life to look your best in photographs.

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