A family tradition continues: Casey and Greg’s Engagement Shoot at Castle Island

Casey’s grandma and grandpa loved Castle Island in South Boston. There was a bench there missing the top slat that they would sit on every time because they liked that they could rest their arms comfortably on the back while enjoying a fabulous view of the ocean. The bench has since been fixed and dedicated to Casey’s grandparents. Casey and Greg continued the family tradition of sweet romance on the bench during our engagement shoot at Castle Island. The couple who now call Florida home flew in for a family vacation and only had limited time for wedding related activities. We had hoped to do a sunset shoot the night before, but it rained all day. Greg and Casey are both morning people so they asked if I might be willing to do a sunrise shoot instead the next day. I said if they were game for it, so was I! The weather that morning was spectacular and it was like we had the whole place to ourselves. I was stunned to see how amazingly chipper the two of them were at 6:30AM on a Saturday morning. It was so wonderful getting to shoot the two of them because Casey had so many great ideas and was working it like a super model. I can only imagine how incredible the poses Casey will give me with those beautiful eyes of hers on their wedding day next year. Greg was strong as can be and swept her off her feet for many shots. The two were just so in love it was next to impossible to get a shot of them when they weren’t smooching.

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  1. Robin McCarron

    great pictures for a beautiful couple!!! Love ya

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