Marlo and Mike’s Big Italian Wedding

The first time I met Marlo and Mike, Marlo asked me if I had ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My response was, “Of course! It’s one of my favorites!”. “Well our wedding is pretty much going to be just like that, only replace Greek with Italian.” After hearing that I wasn’t exactly sure how it would all play out. On the day of their wedding no one was running around with a bottle of windex, but Marlo’s dad Skip was definitely beaming just like Papa Portokalos as he walked Marlo down the aisle of the stunning Sacred Heart Church.

Both Mike and Skip work at the fabulous Fairmont Battery Wharf so it was the perfect location for Marlo to get ready and for us to do the big reveal. Mike gave me a tour of the venue in advance so that we could pick out the perfect spot for him to see Marlo for the first time. He pictured her coming down the grand staircase and I told him we’d be sure to make it happen. Shawn Black once again was my right hand man, second shooting the whole day. He brought out some awesome studio lighting gear for us to get some great dramatic staircase shots. Freddie Ta–or as I like to call him, the angle master–took a break from his busy MCAT studying schedule to assist and shoot for the first half of the day. After descending the stairs, Marlo said she was surprised to see Mike without a touch of his beloved Harley Davidson flair. Mike then proudly pulled up his pants leg to show off his special Harley Davidson dress socks. He figured that was a bit more wedding appropriate than a bandana.

Both Mike and Marlo’s families were so organized we were able to finish the family formals in record time making it possible for us to fit in a quick shot at the carousel just down the street. Then it was off to the church. Marlo and Mike were driven in a classic white Bentley by a FANTASTIC driver. He took care of Marlo as if she was his own daughter. Any bride and groom would be sooooo lucky to have him as a chauffeur on their wedding day!

Now everything was set for the wedding to begin. Little Leo, the 2-year old ring bearer, was filled with joy…and energy. He ran all the way down the aisle by himself with smile from ear to ear…and then ran all the way back up it. Everyone was in stitches. And then in what seemed like a blink, Mike and Marlo were married. Upon exiting the church they were greeted by many of Marlo’s students and confetti canons in the North End’s beautiful North square that was full of spring time tulips and other well wishers. The day was capped off with their reception at Spinelli’s elegant lake-side venue in Lynnfield. Their on-site coordinator Suzanne was wonderful to work with and always kept Shawn and I abreast of what was going to happen next. All in all it was a fantastic day. Congratulazioni a Marlo e Mike!

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