Yvonne and Mike: Dance Partners for Life

I met Yvonne and Mike at PJ and Stephanie’s super fun wedding last year. Mike is Stephanie’s best friend, and he gave such a heartfelt speech that he had me crying behind the lens. When Mike didn’t have me crying, he had me laughing. He and Yvonne were dancing the night away. A couple right after my own heart! They were one of the most in sync couples I’d ever seen. Just beyond perfect for each other. Mike’s mom, Roberta, took me a aside and told me that she thought he was going to propose to her soon. Well Roberta was right. Mike took Yvonne apple picking and proposed to her that fall. When I got the email from Mike asking me if I was available for their wedding I was thrilled. I’d had daydreams since Stephanie and PJ’s wedding of what Mike and Yvonne’s wedding might be like. Yvonne is a musician so I knew it would be filled with beautiful music and dancing. But it will also be filled with laughter. This couple can barely go a minute without cracking each other up, as you can see from our shots from their engagement shoot on Acorn street in Boston.

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