Marlo & Mike’s Engagement Shoot was a Walk in the Park with Enzo

The very first time I met Marlo and Mike they mentioned how much they loved their dog Enzo and were sad that they couldn’t include him in their wedding. Being a dog lover myself I suggested that we could at least incorporate him into their engagement shoot at Christopher Columbus Park. Marlo and Mike loved the idea and surprised me that day with Enzo dressed to the nines in a doggy tux.

After doing a series of shots with Enzo we decided to do some shots of just Marlo and Mike together. We soon realized that we probably should have done these shots first rather than second as they were now covered in Enzo hair. Knowing this was a real possibility Marlo and Mike came prepared with a lint roller and a good sense of humor. About 20 sheets of lint rolling paper later the two were ready for their close ups.

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