Their stars sweetly aligned at Starbucks: Rosie & Jason’s Engagement Shoot

Over 8 years ago, Rosie and Jason were both working with Upward Bound here in Boston. One of their co-workers thought they would be perfect for each other and suggested they meet each other for coffee. The stars of Starbucks aligned when Jason walked in and he got a venti order of Rosie. Right off the bat they hit it off and they have been together ever since. This couple is so sweet that if I were to name a drink after them it would have to be something like a mocha-caramel-frappucinno with a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top, and a hint of cinnamon for spice. MMMM, that sounds pretty good actually!

So we started our shoot off at the starbucks on Beacon street. There we went through a reel of sample pictures on my iPad that show how beautiful shots can be when the couple interacts naturally with each other rather than just posing and staring straight into the camera. After we snagged a few shots on location we then moved to Boston Common for the rest of the shoot. We were so lucky, it wasn’t too cold out, and it was a stunningly beautiful day. One picture Rosie wanted to make sure that I captured was a shot of their bracelets that said “Faith in Action. Hope in Motion. Team JC.” I said sure, and asked her what the significance of it was. She told me all the members of her family wear them for her Uncle JC who was paralyzed in a car crash. Even though the doctors first told them that he’d never be able to even breathe or talk again on his own, with the support and faith of his loving family, he has made an amazing recovery so far, and is still making remarkable progress. Rosie, who is a physical therapist, and Jason, who is an MD, take very active roles in helping with JC’s recovery and have done an amazing job raising money for Project Walk, which is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the emerging field of activity-based recovery for individuals with a spinal cord injury. See…I told you they were sweet.

During the shoot Jason and Rosie were complete naturals. Rosie even brought out a “Trust Fall” from their old outward bound exercises that made for a great candid. It was a real joy that day for all parties involved. We spent the whole shoot laughing together, and afterwards they said to me how unexpectedly fun it was. Because they were relaxed and had fun, their shots turned out so real and so beautiful. On a side note, once again I ended up with a couple who wanted to pose in their jerseys. But even more surprisingly, I had yet another Yankee fan in my midst. How is it I moved to Boston and I keep taking shots of Yankees fans???? Go figure!

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