Angela and Dave’s Fairytale Wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club

Back in the 1930s, Walt Disney touched on what generations of women had yearned for, with “Some Day my Prince Will Come”. Deep down we all want to be treated like Princesses by our very own Prince some day. On October 2, 2011, Angela’s Prince came in the form of Dave. Angela looked like Belle’s twin sister with her stunning bone structure, spectacular corseted ball gown, and her perfectly coiffed brown curled hair offset by a sparkly tiara. Dave was no Beast, instead he gave Prince Eric (from the Little Mermaid) a run for his money. That day everything went like the perfect fairytale Angela had always hoped for. Even though the forecast called for rain all day, the area surrounding the beautiful pergola and lighthouse at the Danversport Yacht Club miraculously stayed dry enough for the ceremony to take place outside as planned. Making it even more Disney-like, there were even musical numbers. Maria, Angela’s bridesmaid, sang during the ceremony; Angela serenaded Dave during the reception; Angela and her girls danced and sang along to hold on for one more day a la the movie bridesmaids (which they had watched the night before); and a special guest did his infamous interpretation of Nelly’s Hot in Herre.

Freddie (a new great addition to Fucci’s Photos) and I were so glad that we could be there to capture Angela and Dave’s tale as old as time that also contained some great modern twists like a photobooth run by the wonderful ladies of Photo Fun Box. Stacy Vachon, one of my other second shooters from weddings past, was a guest at this wedding. So Stacy thought it appropriate that the photographers get at least one shot in the photobooth too. My favorite moments of the day were definitely when Dave and Angela were dancing together. It was like they were in a whole new world of their own, gazing dreamily into each other’s eyes, all the while I had Sebastian singing in his crabby caribbean accent in my head, “Kiss De Girl!!!” With a wonderful beginning like this, they will surely live happily ever after!

Things to take away from this wedding:
1) Double sided sticky tape is such a useful thing to have at a wedding. It can be used for a variety of purposes. At this wedding we used it to help hold dresses in place as well as to hold the junior bridesmaid’s necklace at the proper height.
2) You don’t have to get your bathroom baskets from your florist. Instead you can make them up on your own like Angela did, that way you can personalize them and save money at the same time. Among the typical fare of lint brushes and hair spray, Angela put in gag items like whoopie cushions, a pregnancy test, and some hemorrhoid cream. This resulted in tons of laughs.
3) Rather than using a unity candle, Angela and Dave combined grains of sand together. This was a great idea since it would have been impossible to light a candle in the strong wind outside, and the engraved glass heart they filled makes for a nice memento.
4) Dave and Angela put together a beautiful collection of candles as a memorial with the names of family members on them. This was such a thoughtful way for Angela and Dave to remember them, it touched so many of their guests.
5) I REALLY LOVE MY JOB!!! Getting to take photos of such wonderful people at incredibly fun events rocks my socks. Check out the ear to ear grin on my face in the candid Freddie took of me while taking formals.

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