Love is #1 for Mariann and Mike

4 years ago, two studious Northeastern undergrads were dragged to a party on Symphony road by their friends. Mariann and Mike are forever indebted to those friends since they met at that party and have been together ever since. So to commemorate that mellifluous event Mariann and Mike took me back to Symphony road and Northeastern’s beautiful campus for their engagement shoot. They didn’t know the exact address of the party but remembered talking together outside a distinctly red door. We lucked out, the door was still red, we had fantastic unseasonably warm weather and there was vibrant fall foliage.

Mike told me that he absolutely wanted to get a shot of him holding up Mariann harkening back to her time as a cheerleader. What he didn’t tell me is that he does this regularly in random places and he doesn’t let her down until she puts up the “We’re #1” finger, so I didn’t really expect her to all the sudden put up her finger and keep saying “We’re Number One!”. I figured there was probably some comical reasoning behind it so I got the shot. The fact that once Mike set her down she still had a smile on her face, rather than looking mortified, showed just how fun and in love these two are.

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  1. Michele Beck

    I am praying for God to bless the two of you today and for always and that each day you fall more in love with each other. I love you Mariann and Mike you got yourself an angel.

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