Kind of a “Love/Hate” Relationship

Kim is a die hard Red Sox fan, and Chris is a die hard Yankees fan. Somehow their deep love for one another surpassed their hate for the other’s love of their team’s mortal enemy. The two of them came up with a great way to bring their favorite pastime into their wedding. Kim’s guests will be seated at tables numbered with Sox hall of fame jersey numbers and Chris will have Yankee hall of famer jersey numbers. Their sweetheart table is going to be Babe Ruth’s number, since he played for both the Sox and the Yanks. This highly creative pair wanted to drive this point home with some shots of them in their team’s jerseys (and Kim’s World Series commemorative bat, GO SOX!) to be placed along with the table numbers at their reception. So we played up the rivalry at their local baseball diamond in Beverly, which was a totally adorable Rockwellian town. Once we finished up there, we took a quick ride down to the beach. Lucky for us, we had the beach all to ourselves as well as the golden hour of light. The two did a great job and really hit it out of the park!

Things to learn from this shoot:
1) Ladies, if you have long hair, be sure to bring a head band, hair clip, or ponytail holder with you in case it is windy. While photoshop can be a helpful tool to remove stray hairs here and there, when the wind blows so much hair in front of your face that you could be mistaken for “cousin It” there isn’t much we can do in post production.
2) Don’t be afraid to be creative with your engagement shoot. It’s a great time to experiment with different poses and to have a lot of fun so that you both get comfy in front of the camera.

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