Amanda & Clancy at the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset

Back in August of 2010 I was lucky enough to be 2nd shooting at Bridget and Rick’s memorable wedding in DC. Amanda was one of Bridget’s bridesmaids and she caught the bouquet. As luck would have it months later both Amanda and I moved to Boston, and Clancy proposed to her. The two of them met in St. Louis, and then separately made their way to DC where the two reunited and started dating. A new job brought Clancy back to his hometown, and he brought Amanda to Boston. As a little homage to DC, Amanda had live cherry blossoms decorating the stairs.

The day of the wedding it was spectacular out. The cold finally broke, and the sun came out to give us some stunning weather to shoot in. Shawn Black was 2nd shooting for me for the first time and did a wonderful job. He really worked that 70-300 IS lens to its full extent. Knowing that Cohasset has a beautiful beach just 5 minutes from the Red Lion Inn, Amanda said she was willing to risk the wind and the sand for fantastic photos. I went out there a few weeks in advance and made sure it looked like it was a safe enough beach for her to walk on with her dress, and suggested that she bring a pair or shoes other than her dancing heels. In the end I think it was definitely worth the risk.

The food and service at the Red Lion Inn proved to be wonderful yet again. Stacy was wonderful to work with the day of. Elena clued me into the need for permits to shoot at Sandy Beach in advance. Both ladies helped set up a perfect big reveal on the grand steps in the barn, which Clancy said made his heart skip a beat when he saw how breathtaking Amanda looked. For those who are trying to decide between a wedding cake or a cupcake tower, you can do both. They had a tiered display of cupcakes topped with a traditional layer cake. Once it was time to cut the cake, it was just removed from the top and put at a level the couple could easily cut it at. If you’d like to see the rest of the images from Amanda and Clancy’s big day click here.

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