Kim and Mike’s Wild Full Moon Wedding

I got the chance to work with Rachel from 71 West as a 2nd shooter again. This time it was Kim and Mike’s wedding on the little island of Nahant. As the sun started to set, an enormous moon started to rise and take its place in the sky. It was such a site that almost all the wedding guests came out to see it. After taking a few shots of Kim and Mike with the moon in the background, the groomsmen got the crazy idea to run into the ocean. Off came the shoes and the pants got rolled off. While it didn’t surprise me, it seemed to shock the groomsmen at how cold the water was. In fact, they found it to be painfully cold, but they were determined to get a few shots of them in the surf. After they came out of the water the party really started to heat up. One of the things that helped contribute to the atmosphere was the great music selection, props, and uplighting provided by Allstar Entertainment & UpLighting‘s Michael Edwards and Andrea Duval. Michael passed out maracas and everyone, both young and old, shook their groove thing. The ring bearer really got a kick out of them. Andrea took uplighting to a whole new level. It wasn’t just a stagnant set up, rather she actively changed them throughout the evening using a wireless remote control to match the mood of the lighting perfectly to Michael’s music selection. It took the room from a traditional reception hall to a modern dance club. Kim and Mike’s guests were fabulous, and really got into the dancing. It was definitely the most extreme version of “Shout” I had ever witnessed, with Angela going so far as dancing on the ground. To check out some more of this fun group’s crazy dance moves click here.

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