My First Attempt at Maternity Portraits

Knowing that the frequency of weddings dwindles during our cold New England winters, I decided to try my hand at maternity portraits. My wonderful mother-in-law knew of a lovely lady who happened to be pregnant and was happy to volunteer as a model. I picked up a Savage Port-A-Stand at our local Ritz Camera and sewed a very large black backdrop to hang on it. I was really pleased with the port-a-stand and recommend it to anyone looking for a portable studio backdrop frame. It was very easy to put together with only one person. The following maternity portraits are from that shoot. Many thanks to my wonderful models!

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  1. David Wegwart

    Wow Vail, what a great start into this genre of photography.

    I shoot a few of these each year, and it keeps increasing as I do more. One of the things I find helps a lot is getting mostly modeling light versus flat or beauty light. Your first image in this series does a great job of this technique too.

    Best, D.

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