Caitlin Cassidy’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute Fun-d-raiser

A few weeks ago I got an email from Caitlin asking if I’d be willing to donate my time to a fundraiser for Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and I was happy to oblige. Caitlin will be running in the Boston Marathon on Dana Farber’s team. Rather than just asking her friends and family for money, she thought she would make her fundraising a bit more fun. Caitlin had a happy hour at the beautiful and whimsical Ames hotel in downtown Boston. Some stores were nice enough to donate items for a raffle and a silent auction, and her mom purchased some items from Marshalls as well. In the spirit of the event, I donated a portrait session from Fucci’s Photos for the silent auction.

A donation of $20 got one an arms length of raffle tickets, and you could buy as many arms lengths of raffle tickets as you wanted. In front of each item being raffled off was a chinese food carrier with a description of the item. If a person was interested in the item, they could put in as many raffle tickets as they liked. To everyone’s surprise, the item that got the most tickets in its carrier was a little wooden airplane. It became the unofficial, comical, trophy of the night. After it was raffled off, people who had already won other items of much greater value were offering the winner to trade, but he could not be torn apart from his beloved new toy. In the end, everyone had tons of fun, and a great deal of money was raised for a very good cause. Good luck in the Marathon Caitlin!

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