The many faces of Marissa and Andy

Andy is one of my dearest friends from when I used to live in South Florida. I’ve been best buds with him since I was 14, so when I heard he was getting married, I offered to do everything and anything I could possibly do to help. So that I could enjoy my time in beautiful Delray Beach a bit more, Marissa and Andy hired a photographer but mentioned that they weren’t going to get a videographer. Initially for my own wedding I wasn’t going to get a videographer either, but at the last minute we hired one, and I was very glad we did. Since that day goes by in a total blur, having at least some of the day captured on video was so nice. Since the 5D mark II has the ability to capture HD video I offered to do some video coverage for them. My experience with the video capabilities of the 5D mark II were minimal, but in the end I think it captured the feel of the day fairly well. Marissa and Andy also asked me to restore some original family photos to be put out at the wedding, and had me put together a slide show of photos of them to be played at the reception at the Sundy House. I’ll forewarn you that Andy has a very special place in his heart for Star Wars and New Orleans, so I made sure to have his section of the video reflect that (see 4:20). The result is below for your viewing pleasure.

I got to the Sundy House early that day to help Marissa get ready, and stayed late to help clean up. But I just couldn’t keep myself from snapping a pic or two, or two hundred.

Marissa’s beloved daschund Toby wasn’t allowed to be their ring bearer, so Andy had his mom deliver a stand-in along with a sweet card and a gift while she was getting ready.

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One very important lesson we all learned the hard way was that when picking a venue, be very careful if children are guests as well and the venue has areas with open water. The Sundy house has beautiful water filled cenotes. Unfortunately, one of the littlest of Andy and Marissa’s guests got a bit too close and fell in and couldn’t swim. Luckily one of the guests had been trained as a lifeguard, and those instincts kicked in instantly as she jumped right in fully clothed and got him out (shown after the incident above). To avoid what could have potentially been a life threatening situation, I would HIGHLY suggest that if you are having attendees under the age of 5, avoid venues that have open water on site.

In my next post I’ll have a highlight reel of the video footage from the big day. Congrats Andy and Marissa! Hope you have a wonderful lifetime of making funny faces together!

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  1. Andy and Marissa Johnston

    The next time we get married, we will simply hire a dedicated lifeguard to save all our guests- wait, we already did that this time! She just was unpaid 😉
    The photos look fantabulous and spectabulous! We love you and were talking tonight about coming to visit you (stay tuned…although it may not be for awhile). We look forward to seeing the video!!!

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