Thank you Pinterest and BuzzFeed for 4.5 million views of my most popular post!

I couldn’t believe it when my blog post, Things you should know in advance as a bride that no one will tell you, went viral.  I remember I was sitting at my mother-in-law’s kitchen island when I got a call from my hosting company saying I was blowing up their server.  They said either you are being attacked or your blog has become very popular over night.  Prior to June 26, 2012, my blog averaged about 40 page views a day.  Now thanks to going viral on Pinterest I had over 18,000!  I couldn’t believe it.  Then on January 20, 2014 BuzzFeed posted 21 Clever Tricks To Make Any Wedding So Much Easier.

Number 16 on their list  “A little baby powder on your inner thighs helps curb sweating, squeaking, and chafing.” referenced my viral post!  My blog was now click bait!

It blows my mind that post I wrote back in 2010 has now amassed almost 4.5 million page views.  I hope it continues make people laugh and to help brides around the world for years to come.  

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