Marlo and Mike’s little bundle of joy

[pp_gallery id=”12378″]A little over a year ago I was honored to shoot Marlo and Mike’s wedding.  Soon after their wedding Marlo and Mike found out they were pregnant with their first child.  When I heard, I was thrilled for them and offered to do an in-home newborn shoot.  I loved doing this shoot so much that now all Fucci’s Photos brides receive a complimentary in-home newborn session for their first born child.  It was so wonderful seeing the full evolution of one of my couples from engaged, to newlyweds, to loving parents of their sweet baby, Domenic.

From the day he was born, Domenic had a full head of hair and had his eyes wide open to the world.  He was one of the most alert 2-month-olds I’ve ever seen.  Marlo spiked his hair up for the shoot to show off just how much hair he has.  I had done a newborn shoot before, but Domenic was my first 2-month-old subject.  What a difference 2 months can make!  He was far more active and roly-poly than my newborn subjects.  It made for a completely different shooting experience.  Newborns can pretty much be put into whatever position you’d like (within reason, safety is always the most important thing!), but a 2-month-old can squirm out of just about any pose you get him into.  So we were at the whim of little Domenic that day.

I was determined to still get detail shots of his little feet and hands.  It took a bit more time, but eventually we got them.  Then at the end of the session I invited Marlo and Mike to be part of the picture.  Domenic was starting to get tired and was ready for a nap, so the time was ripe for Mike to rock the little one to sleep. Domenic completed his trip to dreamland with the help of a binky and Marlo’s warm embrace.   The joy on her face and the light from the window that highlighted it brought a tear to my eye.  It was just so beautiful.  During this shoot I was 3 months pregnant, and seeing this lovely vision of motherhood before me just made me sooooooo excited to get to be a mom soon.  We finished the session with a little family portrait with Mike behind Marlo, caressing little Domenic’s head. I was so glad we got to take a shot with all three of them since it is rare for new parents to get shots with their baby with both of them in it since the other one is usually on the other side of the camera.  Congratulations Marlo and Mike, and thank you for sharing your bundle of joy with all of us!


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