Lauren and Erikk’s Engagement Shoot at Duxbury Beach

Lauren and Erikk have known each other for quite some time.  Ok, let’s be really honest, a long, LONG, time! They met all the way back in 5th grade.  Even though Erikk subsequently went to many different schools the two remained friends.  As time went by they realized they’d be perfect together as more than friends.  This was a couple after my own heart, as my husband and I didn’t start dating until over 7 years after we first met back in college.  Spending time with these two you can see how they really are soul mates as well as best friends.  Erikk and Lauren choose beautiful Duxbury Beach for the site of their engagement shoot.  Unfortunately, the New England weather wasn’t doing us any favors that day.  It was windy and cold, but the two were troopers.  At first they tossed their parkas in the car, but with a half mile walk on a bridge across the water I knew they would be missing their warm downy jackets, and suggested that they grab them and that we just take them off for the shots.  Not even 100 feet from their car, the wind began to howl, and the parkas quickly went back on.  Making sure my couples are as comfortable as possible during as shoot is paramount.  Be it them being warm enough or cool enough depending on the situation, because if they aren’t comfortable it will show in their photos.  When they are comfortable, they can relax and be themselves.

Lauren made a wonderful Pinterest board full of inspiration and shared it with me prior to the engagement shoot.  This was very helpful as it really solidified what style of poses they were looking for, allowing us to be able to get them nailed down quickly so that they wouldn’t have to be popsicles for any longer than necessary.  She had pinned a variety of shots from my own engagement portfolio and re-pinned poses from several other Pinterest boards.  If you are looking for ideas, Pinterest is definitely a fantastic place to start.  We ended their shoot with a cute series of little messages involving scrabble tiles and Lauren’s engagement ring.  The two brilliantly had picked out all the letters they would need in advance and put them in a ziplock bag instead of bringing the whole velveteen bag of scrabble tiles.  With their excellent preparation we were able to get all the shots they wanted and at the same time had lots of fun taking them.  The hardest part of the shoot was to get this amorous pair to stop smooching for even a shot or two.  Barely a pose would go by without the two getting in at least a little kiss.  Usually I have to remind couples to hold kisses  longer for a great kiss shot, but in Lauren and Erikk’s case, I have no doubt this will not be a problem for them on their wedding day.

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