Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Czar by Cesar Galindo Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Designer Cesar Galindo was profoundly affected by the aftermath of hurricane Sandy and used it as inspiration for his fall 2013 CZAR collection entitled “La Vita Immobilizzata” (life suspended). In this collection Galindo asks us to slow down and enjoy life. Take in the beauty that surrounds us. He created a “convertible wardrobe” that can transition from day to night. “Everyone in the world has to go work in the day but they want to have a life besides work, too,” he said. “You can wear these dresses to work and go out after that.” The looks presented ranged from body-conscious jersey and knit dresses, maxi and shift dresses, leather vests, leather arm warmers, jumpsuits, faux fur coats and vests, that could all transition well from the office to a night out on the town. The palette used was pleasantly colorful amongst the season’s predominant backdrop of grey, white, and black tones. Even with the variety of colors and fabrics the whole collection flowed well from piece to piece. The press corps really got to take it all in since Galindo had the models really embrace the theme of the collection, and they took the time to give us some fantastic poses at the end of the runway.  What I loved the most about this collection were the pieces that had so much movement to them.  It was like the fabric was playing with us.  When the models take a hold of the fabric and give it a flourish, I melt a little inside.

The morning of the show I had the privilege of shooting backstage, courtesy of Richard Renda from Totally Cool®. Original Mineral’s Creative Director Janelle Chaplin debuted a cool new stencil trend I would love to share with you. While they went with a tribal theme involving a zebra print that was reflected in some of Galindo’s fabric choices, I have no doubt that you could apply the same technique with lace or a doily to create an amazing and one of a kind bridal hair effect.
How to achieve this look:
STEP 1 – Secure a tight and low ponytail using O&M’s Style Guru throughout the hair to give it a wet and smooth finish. To add structure, add a fish tail braid, using Original Queenie throughout each plait.
STEP 2 – To secure the bun you will create with the fishtail braid while eliminatating the need for uncomfortable bobby pins that often plague brides with painful headaches on their wedding day, take a blunt upholstery sewing needle and twine or thick thread (same color as your hair) and sew a stitch and secure it at the base of the braid tied off with a rubber band.
STEP 3 – Thread the needle through the base of the ponytail where it meets the back of the head then pull the slack of the thread through. This should bring the end of the fishtail braid up to the base of the head.
STEP 4 – Position the braid how you want it to be in its final bun-like look.
STEP 5 – Secure the bun-braid to the head by sewing back and forth through the braid to the hair at the back of the head.
STEP 6 – Once the bun is secured to your desired level of tightness (less stitches for looser bun, more stitches for a tighter one) wrap the remaining thread around the base. With the little bit of thread you have left run the needle through the thickest part of the bun one last time. If necessary trim the end of the thread with scissors, but be careful not to cut your hair in the process.
STEP 7 – Add a touch of fashion to the finished hair look, using a stencil on the hair on the sides that has been slicked back. This also works for those with short hair as well. You can use pre-made plastic stencils, pieces of lace, doilies, or create your own. In the CZAR show they used a variety of bright spray on colors, but if you are looking for something more subtle you could go with white, a shimmer, gold, silver, or some glitter.
STEP 8 – Set the look with an aerosol hair spray.

If you are going to attempt this look try all the steps in ADVANCE. Wear it around for a day to see if much of the colored hair spray comes off. Do not do a color spray treatment when you are already in your wedding dress. As always, finish your hair and makeup and then step into your dress, don’t put it on over your head. You also want to see how much the color spray comes off on others to avoid the possibility of getting your groom’s tux covered in colored hair pray or glitter spray.

The dramatic make up, including false lashes galore, was by Ashunta Sheriff for Mary Kay. Shoes were by Michael Antonio.

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