Caitlyn and Mike’s Ninety Acres Engagement Session in Peapack, NJ

A few months ago Mike took Caitlyn to Ninety Acres Restaurant and totally surprised her when he dropped to one knee and proposed to her. Caitlyn was completely speechless. After what seemed like an eternity to Mike, but was really just a few seconds, she emphatically said yes. To commemorate his proposal the couple choose to have their engagement shoot at the same location.

I loved that Caitlyn and Mike were adventurous enough to ford the “river” so that we could get some great shots with the beautiful stream. The day was particularly windy so luckily I had my headband with me to lend to Caitlyn so we could pull her hair back to ensure we could see her pretty face. Also since I was in New Jersey, near where my parents live, my father came along to be a helpful light stand holder. To get the shots with the dramatic sky we used a speedlight in a soft box which gives great soft light, but on a windy day on a light stand can act like a sail, so it’s really important to have someone hold it in place.

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