Anna Sui 2013 Spring Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC

After the Whitney Eve show I gave Richard Renda a big hug and said thank you so much for all his help. I told Richard I couldn’t believe it was all over, it seemed like I just got there. He said, it doesn’t have to QUITE be over and asked if I’d like to go to the Anna Sui show. I said I’d love to but asked how I’d get in. He said here’s my cell phone number, give me a ring when you are there and I’ll get you in. Deep down I questioned the chance that this would work, but I should never underestimate the power that Richard Renda has at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Sure enough I got in no problem, and Richard gave me a great front riser spot in the pit. Even though I wasn’t shooting for the make-up sponsor this time around, I still focused most of my attention on the beauty shots. After my work with Kryolan, I came to realize that those are the shots I love getting most. You get to see all the amazing detail that the designers have planned out that make the show a real SHOW! My favorite moment in the show was when model Lindsey Wixson played with the Pit and gave us a quick look from behind her sun glasses.


Overall I would describe the show as perfect punk princess. The backdrop for the show included Anna Sui’s name spelled with the Anarchy symbol, combined with rockabilly styled images that included a record with the name Madeline on it. This was an homage to Sui’s inspiration for this collection, French designer and interior decorator Madeline Castaing. Castaing’s signature combination of dissimilar prints and textures flowed harmoniously throughout the collection. Castaing’s love of blue was highlighted with the blue wigs that some of the girls wore. The girls walked down the runway to punk music and rocked their feminine and romantic, yet punk inspired, garments. I loved the variety of necklaces that the girls were wearing, particularly the use of the old school cameos. Up close they looked like a standard cameo, but the patterns from afar looked a bit like skulls that are synonymous with the punk movement. In addition to the cameos the necklaces were also decorated with sea shells. It was a really interesting combination of hard and soft elements.

All the girls had dramatic eye make-up on. The lips were either a shade of nude or a vibrant red. I was partial to the red lips. The most memorable accessories to me were the headpieces. They ranged from pointy fascinators to headbands with black stars on them and definitely got people talking. After the show I had to get one last shot of me on the runway so I could prove to myself when I got back to Boston, that really happened! Fashion Week was a dream come true, not just a dream!  If you want to see more of my shots from the show check them out here.  On my way back to my family’s apartment I crossed through Union Square and had to get a few shots of the last days of Summer nights in New York city. Thank you Theano Nikitas, Richard Renda, my family, Kryolan, Noon by Noor, Joanna Mastroianni, Whitney Eve, Bella Public Relations, and New York City for giving me such an AMAZING week! I hope I get to shoot many Fashion Weeks in the years to come!

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