Kim and Keith’s Vintage Shoot

Kim’s sister is a wedding planner who sees the results of cute photo shoots all the time, so when it was Kim’s birthday she figured a photo shoot would make a great present since the sweet couple never had one when they got married. Kim wore an adorable yellow dress and looked so much like Sandra D with her head band and little white Keds. Keith was a good sport and played the part of a 1950s boyfriend. After shooting in Christopher Columbus Park we made our way over to the North end, but first made a stop at the carousel on the greenway to capture the innocence of the era. Then we went to Mike’s Pastries. We figured what was more vintage than that! The people at Mike’ss were super nice and accommodating and let us right in and let me shoot from behind the counter. Major thanks so them for that! It was definitely my favorite shot of the day.

Doing a shoot with a theme like this was soooooo much fun! I really hope that in the future I get to do more cute shoots like this one!

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