Two glittering pearls: Lauren and Sunmin’s wedding at the Crown and Anchor

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When I first met up with Lauren and Sunmin I had never been to Provincetown before. Sunmin described it as the happiest place on earth. I said, isn’t that Disneyworld. She said, nope, for me it’s Provincetown. Now I see why. It is the absolute perfect place to have a wedding as it is a town that celebrates love like no other. As I pulled into the Crown and Anchor I was greeted at the reception desk by “Little Ricky” who’s personality was anything BUT little. His excitement for Sunmin and Lauren’s wedding was palpable. After checking in I met up with my second shooter, Jenn Alton, to scout out perfect big reveal locations that were a close walk to the hotel. After finding a hidden gem of an alley that would give us beautiful light, even in the midday sun, we made our way to the girls’ room. Before Lauren and Sunmin put on their dresses I had the two of them separate so that the final look would be a big surprise. I brought Sunmin down to our choice location and took a few shots of her. A few minutes later, Lauren appeared, and I gave her the cue that we were ready. Sunmin flashed a smile a mile wide realizing that the moment they had been waiting for, for so long, was finally upon them. The power of their emotions really came through in these photos, and I love them so much for that.
After the big reveal we made our way to the beach for their ceremony. While the bridal party lined up, the wedding guests were entertained by a local kayaking with his 2 dogs just off the shore. Then it was time for the girls to make their way down the aisle. It was an emotional walk for both of them. Lauren’s mom Madelyn beamed with pride as she held her daughter’s arm. Lauren and Sunmin had a beautiful rainbow colored ketubah. After all the parties had signed it I don’t think anyone in this world could have looked as happy as Lauren and Sunmin looked. It was a sight to behold. In their white dresses they were like two beautiful glittering pearls on the beach. Rather than saying the 7 traditional Jewish blessings, friends and family members delivered 7 personal blessings to the couple. Madelyn expressed how incredibly blessed she is to have Sunmin as part of their family now and how proud she is of both of them. After the blessings, the Rabbi had every wedding guest get out of their chair to surround the girls with love. Draped in the white tallit, they looked like a pearl in the center of an oyster. It was such a great way to involve everyone in the ceremony, making the girls really feel the love and support of their wonderful guests.

After such an emotional ceremony everyone was ready to celebrate. The Crown and Anchor made some SUPER yummy fried mac and cheese balls for appetizers and the dinner was so DELISH too! The rainbow layer cake was brought in special from Baltimore by Lauren’s family. After dinner was served the girls got up and did their first dance, but then surprised their guests mid song with a flash mob to Pink’s “Raise your Glass”. Their friend Andrew even donned a head-to-toe penguin suit for the routine and kept it on the whole rest of the reception. And when I say penguin suit, I don’t mean tux, I mean PENGUIN…the flightless bird! Needless to say it was the first time Jenn and I had ever shot a person dancing in a penguin suit at a wedding. Speaking of dances, even though it was the first time Jenn was second shooting for me, we worked so well together it was like we were doing a choreographed dance. Somehow she just knew exactly where I’d want her to be and what shots to get, making me feel like I could do the impossible … be in two places at once.

These two brilliant Ph.D.s had so many great ideas that any couple could easily implement in their own wedding. The guests’ place cards doubled as a nice keepsake folder to hold pictures from the photo booth. For the littlest guests, earplugs were provided as the music is often very loud for their sensitive ears. Lastly the girls asked to do a quick night time shoot. This gave them a little time to slip away and have a little more time just to themselves and to get some really unique shots. Their friends even came with great ideas, including this super cool fujifilm camera that prints out small poloroid-like images right there on the spot. So if you can’t afford a professional photo booth, this nifty camera could fill that niche.

The next morning I woke up and took a walk on the beach. As I was about to head back up to my room, I bumped into Lauren’s step dad. He told me the girls were both awake and packing up everything. I thought to myself, when do you get a chance to wear your wedding dress again…and on the beach no less? Why not do a quick trash the dress session on the beach? So the girls put on their dresses one last time and took a stroll out on the beach. Ending the weekend with my two beautiful pearls back on the beach was the perfect end to a wedding at Sunmin’s (and now one of mine) happiest place on earth.

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  1. youngmi

    these photos are so beautiful! it was such an amazing day and i got all teary re-living it with these photos 🙂

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