Kondwani and Angelo’s wedding at Lake Pearl Luciano’s

Back in January when I went to the bridal show I met Rachel Austin of 71 West Photography. Rachel, as I hope to do some day, is working through her pregnancy. I thought it would be a good idea to 2nd shoot for a pregnant wedding photographer to get a good idea of what I reasonably could accomplish some day. My first shoot with Rachel was Kondwani and Angelo’s wedding at Luciano’s by Lake Pearl. Rachel held up much better than I would expect someone to do at 6 months pregnant. The only small limitation I could see is that she couldn’t squat any more. Rachel showed me how she just uses a chair to set her self down onto when she needs to be lower in position or just sits on the floor. This was great advice!

Luciano’s was a great venue if you want the feeling of an outdoor wedding, but the convenience of an indoor setting. The ceremony was held in the “Tree Top Room” which is a sun room overlooking the lake. The day of coordinator provided by Lake Pearl was fantastic. She kept Rachel and I in the loop every step of the way. During this job, most of the day I experimented with my new 16-35mm L lens and using only natural light with my 50mm 1.4. This was one of my favorite wide shots of the day from the 16-35mm.

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  1. Sandra

    I love these pictures. Everyone look like they were having a blast.
    Great work

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