Molly & Jared’s Wedding at Hampshire House Where Everybody Knew Their Names

Molly & Jared proved that you can throw convention to the wind and still have a fantastic wedding. Rather than buying a dress, Molly’s mother designed her an extremely fashion forward knee length dress. When Molly stepped out of the limo, she looked like something straight out of Vogue. Her birdcage veil combined with her soft curls made her a dead ringer for old school Hollywood actress Veronica Lake.

Molly’s brother Luke created a playlist on his iPod, which was plugged into a sound system, providing both the ceremony and reception music. Instead of having a big wedding cake, each guest had a beautifully decorated flourless chocolate torte and adorably dressed up chocolate covered strawberries. Molly and Jared kept the invite list down to just close family and friends, so everyone there knew each other’s name, just like on Cheers.

Speaking of Cheers, the wedding took place at the historic Hampshire House on Beacon Hill, home of the Famous Bull and Finch Pub, where exterior shots for the TV show Cheers were filmed. The incredible staff of the Hampshire House have taken this line to heart, with every person there from the servers all the way up to the head of the facility, knowing Molly and Jared’s names. I was very impressed at their level of personal service. Coordinator for the evening, Michelle Reid, was there from start to finish. She even stood outside in the cold with me waiting for the limo to arrive so that she could properly greet the bride and groom, as well as their parents, as they arrived that evening. Michelle was a dream to work with as a photographer. She helped keep the event on track so that there would still be enough time for photos and walked through the venue with me a few days in advance to show me different locations which usually make for great photos. While I didn’t make it down to the bar, I did get a chance to try the amazing beef tenderloin. It was one of the most flavorful wedding meals I have ever had on the job. If you are going to have a wedding with only about 30 guests, you should definitely consider the Hampshire House.

The other highlight of the evening had to be our walk in the park through Boston Common. Even though it was only 10 degrees outside, Molly was willing to brave the cold, since the park had just been covered in a thick blanket of beautiful snow. Knowing that she would feel even colder if she saw me standing in my head to toe puffer, I decided to go without my coat. As we walked out, it started to lightly snow, making it truly picture perfect. The excitement of shooting in these extremely romantic conditions warmed my heart, and the rest of my body. Here are the highlight shots from this “cool” wedding.

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