First Engagement Shoot of the Year: Linda and Jon — Boston Common on New Year’s Day

2011 is here and Fucci’s Photos has hit the ground running, or rather, um…shooting. Originally we were going to do Linda and Jon’s engagement shoot on Sunday, but the forecast called for rain, and Saturday was supposed to be glorious out (which it was!). So we agreed to do the shoot on Saturday instead and to meet at the Park Street T stop. Unfortunately I had previous told Linda that I’d be wearing a raspberry colored beanie, and wasn’t counting on it being nearly 60 degrees outside, so instead while waiting for the couple I just waved my hat back and forth. Mental note: never make my identifying feature a hat again!

It took a while for us to find each other but luckily we all had our cells phones on us, and Jon had us meet up at an Italian sausage cart in the park. In the end, the delay was not an issue because Linda and Jon were total naturals in front of the camera. The most fun couples to shoot for an engagement session are those that are recently engaged and can’t keep theirs eyes off each other. You can just feel their love for each other. Linda and Jon were one of those couples. Each time I’d direct them to look into each other’s eyes, Jon couldn’t keep himself from kissing Linda. It was romantic, and beautiful, and best of all, NATURAL! Here are a few of my favorites from our mini-shoot at Boston Common.

Things for couples to learn from Linda and Jon:
1) Wear solid colors.
2) Relax and have fun with each other.
3) Sometimes the best ideas come from working together, be willing to voice your opinion to your photographer about background and positions, but still be open to the photographer’s ideas as well.
4) If you are going to kiss each other during a shoot, make the kisses long, sweet, and tender. Short kisses make it difficult to photograph the most perfect angle of the kiss, and deeper kisses usually result in smushed noses which aren’t so pretty.
5) Ladies, if you want shots including close ups of your ring, be sure to get a fresh manicure before the shoot.

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