Photoshop can be your friend

On July 2nd, Lisa’s family on her mom’s side came into town.  It’s rare that they are all together, so they wanted to make sure to document the occasion.  Since her family was staying at the beautiful National Harbor, we decided to do the shoot there.  The only thing was, it was blindingly bright outside, so finding spots with shade was paramount to ensure that every photo didn’t have people squinting.  Prior to the group arriving, my husband and I took a walk around to find good locations.  We found a beautiful little bridge with great architectural elements, with the exception of one little problem.  There was a giant circle in the middle that would bring attention to a specific embarrassing region of the body.  Luckily though, photoshop exists and I knew it would be fixable.  You can see the results below.

Original bridge shot
Photoshop Fix
Father and Son
Not sure what was so funny, but it was a nice moment
Sibling Rivalry?
Hooray for photoshop

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