DC wedding to the Max

April and Gil’s wedding was as DC as it gets. The ceremony was at the Jefferson Memorial, and the reception was at Old Ebbitt Grill. 2nd shooting for Daniel McGarrity yet again proved a learning experience that I will value the rest of my career. Since the Old Ebbitt Grill Atrium has very high ceilings, he taught me how to bounce light off of unconventional surfaces, like columns, and turning my flash head backwards. I had never read about this technique anywhere, but it worked like a charm. My job for the day was to cover the Groom. Gil was one heck of a cut-up. He had everyone in stitches the whole day. What Gil choose to wear that day brought laughs as well. He had pink panther silver cufflinks and bright purple socks with leather converse sneakers. He had his tux pants shortened just so you could see just a hint of the purple socks when he walked. It was a really fun wedding and a slightly inebriated guest dubbed me “The coolest wedding photographer EVER” so I figure I am on the right track.

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