The Quintessential Boston Photo Location, Acorn Street

Vail fucci acorn street 1

A trip to Boston simply isn’t a trip to Boston unless you took a stroll down historic Acorn Street.  This hidden gem is the most photographed street in the COUNTRY! And it is for a good reason.  Not only does it perfectly capture the feeling of old school Boston, the light on the street is absolute perfection.  Don’t be surprised if when you go there that it is flooded with tourists, but no need to worry.  Just wait a minute or two and they will clear out and you will be able to get the shot you have been dreaming of with ivy covered walls, cobblestones, and a patriotic flag in the background.

After grabbing some photos there take a short walk to Charles street for some delish food or stop by Cheers for some quality nostalgia.  Once you have had your fill of old world charm, walk on over to the Boston Public Gardens for a shots filled with beautiful weeping willow trees, swan boats, and the picturesque bridge.

Looking for other beautiful spots to check out while in Boston? be sure to check out Redfin’s blog post about the 7 most beautiful places in Boston. I’m proud to say one of my images from this blog post was featured on it!

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