Enterprise Management Track Poster Session at MIT Sloan School of Management

When it comes to MIT there are no boring photo assignments.  While shooting a poster session isn’t at the top of the list of most photographers, I found the night thoroughly stimulating.  MIT brings together such incredible minds.  Every project was interesting.  The Sloan Management students had the opportunity to work on projects for real companies, ranging from local Cambridge startups, all the way up to Verizon, Amazon, and Exxon.  I tried to get a brief explanation of each project before taking a photo of the group so that they would be a bit more comfortable with me taking their photo.  While there, the celebrated John Little, a professor post tenure at MIT made the rounds as well.  He interacted with the students and was still as sharp as ever. In operations research Little is best known for his proof of the queuing formula     L = λW, commonly known as Little’s Law. Considered a pioneer in marketing science, Little has done research on a broad set of modeling and decision support issues, including models of individual choice behavior, adaptive control of promotional spending, and marketing mix models for consumer packaged goods.

Once the presentations were done, the students were treated to a gorgeous view of Boston’s skyline while dining with their project sponsors at the Samberg Conference Center.  By the end of the evening I found myself totally inspired by all projects presented by the students and wanting to shoot many more events at MIT over the years to come.

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