Anna Sui Features Vail Fucci’s Image on Instagram for Anna Sui Vision

Up until now I have considered myself more of a Facebook girl than an Instagrammer.  I’ve been a using Facebook back since its inception in 2004! But maybe I should pay Instagram a bit more attention.  In 2013 when I shot New York Fashion week one of my images from the Betsey Johnson show ended up on the New York Time’s Website in their fashion and style section.  I was OVERJOYED!  But I thought it was a one off and didn’t give Instagram much time since that fashion week.  But then, last night I randomly check my Instagram feed for the first time in months and what do I see under the notifications tab…AnnaSuiVision tagged you in a post.  It was a photo I took during fashion week 2013 from one of Anna Sui’s runway shows. I scroll down and see that in the comments THE Anna Sui has put hearts and xxx’s and signed it Anna! I nearly fell over and I sure was too excited to sleep. So now that I am getting more into product photography with Ame & Lulu perhaps I should start to give Instagram the credit it is due and post a bit more often.

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