Kayla and Bryan’s Wedding at Andover Country Club

Easy going Kayla and Bryan weren’t going to let a little thing like rain get in the way of their perfect wedding day.

Kayla and Bryan have to be one of the most laid back couples I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Whatever comes their way, they take it in stride, and are game for anything. We had planned to do their big reveal in the gardens at Andover Country Club, but the rain was just a bit too heavy.  So we went with plan B and had them have their first look under the cover of the portico.  So many brides would have been devastated by the last minute change in plans, but not Kayla.  She just smiled, said no problem, put on her blindfold, and made her way outside with the help of her maid of honor. Seeing the two of them light up when they saw each other brought me to tears. They are SO…IN…LOVE!

Then after the big reveal the rain started to let up.  My second shooter extraordinaire, Shawn Black, was right there with an umbrella for the couple and took some white trash bags from my bridal emergency kit.  Wait a second, trash bags you say? Yes, white trash bags.  We didn’t want Kayla’s train to get wet or muddy.  So prior to taking shots of her in the garden, we laid down the trash bags first and then the train over that.  Voila, totally dry train. Bryan pulled out a textbook dip that would do their dance teacher proud and then we high tailed it back inside.  Shawn grabbed an adorable shot of the two of them cuddling under the umbrella in the rain right before we came in the door.

During their ceremony Kayla and Bryan kept their eyes on each other. They exchanged romantic glances as well as hilarious faces. Once they were officially man and wife it was off to Andover Country Club.  It was unseasonably cold for May in New England, but Kayla toughed it out and went outside for another round of photos.  In between shots, Bryan sweetly shared his jacket with her.

During their reception they performed a beautifully choreographed dance including a lift.  SWOON! It had everyone out of their seats.  Once the sun went down I asked if Kayla and Bryan would like a few night shots.  They said sure.  I went outside and found the pergola with the lovely rock backsplash in total darkness.  I grabbed 3 remote speedlites and lit the set up exactly the way I pictured it being lit up in my mind.  Kayla and Bryan came out, trusted me that it really would look nicely lit up in the photos, and we did a series of poses.  At the very end they asked if they could do their lift.  In the end, it was my favorite photo of the whole day.

Thank you so much to Fucci’s Photos couple, Elizabeth and Chris, for referring me to Kayla and Bryan.  It was so wonderful to get to see you at the wedding that day!

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