Tips For Your Parents On Your Wedding Day to Get Heart-Warming Shots

So many people pin emotional photos with parents for their own wedding day on Pinterest, but to get those amazing heart-warming shots, your parents need to know what is expected of them by the photographer.  If you go over the following things with your parents you will have a much better chance of getting the photographs of your dreams.

  • The very most important thing for them to remember is that every time the photographer points their lens in their direction they do not need to turn, freeze, and cheese a smile.  They should just keep doing what they are doing.  The photographer has started taking photos of you because what you were doing was beautiful or interesting, so you don’t need to pose. Usually that type of posing ruins the moment the photographer was trying to capture.

  • As you are walking down the aisle with your son or daughter, look at them instead of staring straight forward or even worse, at the ground. Looking at each other may generate tears, but people love to see real emotion, instead of a mom or dad looking all stoic trying not to cry.



  • During the parent dances, unless the photographer stops you to take a shot of the two of you looking and smiling right at the lens, just dance as you normally would.  Talk, laugh, cry, hug.  It is all good! Enjoy the moment and that will make for a much better photo and a wonderful real memory for the both of you.

  • For the family formals your parents should make every effort to make a real smile.  It doesn’t matter if they are missing a tooth, or just generally don’t like smiling in photos.  If they don’t smile for the formals it will look like they are unhappy that you are marrying your spouse.  Also everyone should only be looking at the photographer’s camera.  Wandering eyes make it look like you had some place better to be than in the photograph. And if they really hate formal shots just skip them all together!
  • Have your parents be dressed and ready early so that they can be looking their best during the “getting ready” photos, instead of them regretting that they had no makeup on or have their hair in curlers during the photos or choose to not be in the photos at all because they didn’t want to look bad.

  • During the formal photos take time to get a few shots of the two of you just looking at each other.  This usually elicits some genuine feelings that make for much nicer shots.

Look at your mom in some shots Image by Fucci's Photos

Hopefully your parents will follow these suggestions and you will get photos with them that you cherish and that bring you right back to that emotional moment instead of them looking like a deer in headlights.

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