Baby Nicholas, you are my inspiration!

At the end of Nicholas’ shoot I had a smile from ear to ear.  Prior to Nicholas and his older brother Luca’s 6-month shoots, all of my baby shoots had been limited to newborns.  Studio newborn shoots are often tricky, you are praying the tiny baby stays asleep long enough that you can position them into Pinterest worthy poses.  But a 6-month shoot is the complete opposite.  They are smiling, laughing, and showing off their developing personality.  You feel like you are on a shoot for Gerber or Pampers. It is at this age that they are TRULY a bundle of joy.  After photographing Nicholas during this session I realized that THIS is what I want to capture when photographing a baby.  These are the shots my subjects will think of as their “baby pictures.”

So Nicholas inspired me to make a big change.  From here on out for newborn shoots I will no longer do posed studio shoots, but instead do them as in-home lifestyle shoots.  This will capture more of the beautiful moments that happen naturally with a newborn in their home environment.  Additionally, I am going to focus more on photographing 6-12 month olds.  So thank you Nicholas, for sharing your joy with me that special day!

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