Stephanie and Bill’s Black-Tie wedding at the Boston Common Ritz-Carlton

From the very first moment I met Stephanie and Bill I knew that they would be my most cosmopolitan couple yet.  They absolutely love living and working right in Downtown Boston, so the Boston Common Ritz-Carlton was the perfect location for their wedding.

Every choice Bill and Stephanie made for their wedding had a specific purpose behind it. Stephanie and Bill decided to have their reception at the sleek and modern Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common.  Upon entering the bridal suite, I was thrilled to see that it was afforded a spectacular view of the Boston Public Gardens. This was no accident, Stephanie had specifically asked well in advance for a room with this particular view.  Bill and Stephanie also choose the Ritz Carlton because it is a dog friendly hotel and they wanted to integrate Bentley, the family dog, into many different facets of their wedding. Bentley was provided with his very own room and some special treatment from the Executive Chef.  Bentley’s room was richly appointed by the Ritz. The special amenities included a white linen floor cloth–similar to a white linen table cloth–embroidered with his name on it, a blue velvet dog bed, as well as dog treats that the chef made from scratch just for Bentley.  While photographing the canine delicacies, there was a knock at the door. Guest relations had an envelope for “Master Bentley” that contained a letter expressing their hope that he enjoys his stay and the Executive Chef wrote in a personal note hoping that Bentley likes the dog treats. With service like that, I’m sure Bentley will be hoping to come back to the Ritz time and time again.

Hairdresser extraordinaire Kristine Collins was on hand in the bridal suite to give Stephanie’s tresses the perfect look that would amazingly hold all day and well into the evening.  Getting into the wedding dress became a real family affair, unlike any I had ever seen before.  Once Stephanie had stepped into the dress, her father deftly took on the task of lacing up the corseted back.  He explained it was just like lacing up their ice skates when she and her sister were little girls. It was so sweet to see a father so involved in the getting ready process.  He had been planning for this special day since the day Stephanie was born.  Years ago, he made sure to purchase a bottle of wine from Stephanie’s birth year, only to be opened on the day of her wedding.  Her mother also added her own special personal touches to the day.  Instead of the base of Stephanie’s bouquet being wrapped in ribbon, it was wrapped in a piece of lace from her mother’s wedding dress.  Her grandmother’s lovely curio was pinned to the bouquet as well and had photos of Stephanie’s great grandparents who had passed on in it, so that she could walk down the aisle with them in spirit.

After Stephanie was all set in her Essence of Australia dress Kristine carefully placed her cathedral veil.  Then all her bridesmaids came up to the bridal suite so Stephanie could do a big reveal of her final look for them.  Their smiles said it all, she was stunning.  Once Stephanie and Bill were all dressed and ready, it was time for them to open their gifts to one another.  To their complete and utter surprise, they had both written almost the exact same sentiments on their cards.  If that wasn’t enough of a coincidence, they both ended up getting a fine watch for the other.  Talk about a perfect match.

As soon as Stephanie was done opening her gift, she made her way downstairs to meet Bill at the Ritz’s romantically lit Avery Bar.  The Ritz graciously made sure that the bar was completely empty of other hotel guests so that Bill and Stephanie could have an intimate first look experience.  After they were able to take some time to really take it all in, they met up with their bridal party and family at the Boston Public Gardens for the quintessential Boston wedding formals session.  Bentley was definitely a huge fan of this location choice.  Then it was off to the Church of the Covenant, which is right in the heart of the city. After the emotional ceremony the couple walked across the street to get some dramatic shots of them with the Church in the background as well as some great shots with some DIY elements that Stephanie had created, including a sign that said “Happily Ever After Starts Here…”

Awaiting their guests at the Ritz was a caricature artist and a delicious spread of culinary delights.  In addition to the traditional dinner courses and wedding cake, Bill and Stephanie even had a series of late night snacks served including yummy little sliders, truffle oil French fries in birch bark cones, and a full dessert bar that even had chocolate and vanilla milkshakes served with dark chocolate straws and in tiny shot glasses rimmed with dark chocolate.  It was decadent to say the least.  These sweet treats were paired with an equally sweet nighttime shoot to cap off the day. The Loews Theater Marquee made for some seriously cinematic shots that captured both the vibrancy of the city that Stephanie and Bill love so much, as well their love for each other.

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