Help me, help you! — How you can help get me on CreativeLIVE to teach you how to start your own photography business

CreativeLIVE recently asked for submissions for their CreativeLIVE Spotlight sessions for WPPI in Vegas.  One of the people selected will get a CreativeLIVE workshop.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to teach a CreativeLIVE workshop more than just about anything!  I want to help the CreativeLIVE audience members learn how to start a photography business from scratch…ON SCRATCH!  That’s right. I’m going to go step by step from the very beginning to help you start your very own photography business, and give you the tips give you the greatest chance of it being successful and not just a statistic.  Here is my submission video to CreativeLIVE.  Please do me a favor and watch it to get an idea of what my proposed workshop would cover.

If you would like to see me teach the workshop on CreativeLIVE, like the video on youtube, post on CreativeLIVE’s facebook page that you want to see me teach the Start a Photography Business from Scratch on Scratch workshop, or tweet: @creativeLIVE I want to see the @VailFucci #fromscratchonscratch workshop.  If you REALLY want to make sure your voice is heard, go to creativeLIVE’s request an instructor page on Facebook and let them know you’d like to request me as an instructor.  If you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see this workshop happen, do all 4. 🙂 If you REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see this workshop happen, ask your friends to do all 4 too! and post a link to this blog post on your own facebook and twitter pages 😉

Everyone’s submissions for Spotlight have to be in by February 15th and I’m sure CreativeLIVE will make their decision very soon after that, so time is of the essence!  It would mean the world to me to be able to give back to this amazing community that has done so much for helping me make my dream of becoming a professional photographer a reality.

In my workshop I would cover free and inexpensive resources available to photographers, business models for photography, costs of doing business, figuring how much you need to make to sustain your business, types of photography jobs, how to get on-the-job experience, naming your business, incorporation, creating your brand, basic wordpress website design, acquisition of gear, insurance, contracts, accounting, sales tax, portfolio creation, portfolio curation, online proofing and sales, utilizing social media, finding clients, and marketing. For portfolio creation I’d have members of the audience be from different genres–wedding, portrait, pet, and commercial–and have them create a portfolio from scratch right in the studio in a span of 2 hours, and would show you the steps they are taking so you can do them at home. Oh yeah, and what would be a workshop from the dancing photographer without a little dancing?  If they allow it, I’d have a little dance moves session time too 🙂

Thanks in advance for your help and hope to see you on CreativeLIVE!!!!

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  1. Sennie Dickens Pierson

    YESYESYES! Vail Fucci needs to teach at creativeLIVE! What she says MAKES SENSE; She speaks clearly, and in terms everyone can understand! Just say YES to Vail Fucci!

  2. Christine Sedley

    Vail I think you would do an awesome job! CL should choose you!

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