Stephanie, Bill, and Bentley — A very pinterest inspired engagement shoot

Stephanie and Bill are a lovely cosmopolitan couple that met at Bentley University. So when they said Bentley would be involved in the shoot I thought they meant the campus. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They actually meant Stephanie’s family dog, Bentley. Once you meet this lovable pup who seems to think he’s a lap dog, not a large dog, you’d know in an instant why they wanted to include him.

Stephanie and Bill wanted to use the pictures from the shoot for their save the dates, so Stephanie and her mom combed Pinterest for ideas. You name it, they had it ready to go to be photographed. My personal favorite was the little heart placard hung around Bentley’s neck with the date on it.

In addition to getting shots in the lovely courtyard of their building, Bill and Stephanie also wanted to get shots near the harbor. I was more than happy to oblige. We had set up the shoot so that we could get there right in time for the golden hour of light. I even got to finally make my dream of doing an engagement shoot on the old iron bridge a reality. After the shoot we headed back to their apartment to warm up. While there I noticed that Stephanie and Bill were quite the connoisseurs of wine. They had even recently gone on a trip to Napa Valley just for wine tasting. I like to personalize ring shots and make them into mini little art pieces. So for the shots of Stephanie’s engagement ring, I made sure to include some of the various corks they had kept for sentimental reasons. After finishing up, I gave Bentley a good belly rub and told him I looked forward to seeing him again at the wedding, and I think after the fun day we gave him outside, he’ll look forward to seeing me again too.

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