Trust Me, Seeing You Dancing Can Be a Real Thrill for the Guests

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of presenting at Kevin Kubota’s Photographer’s Ignite in New York City.  One of the main points of my “Stripping away the Stereotypes”   talk was that to really blend in at weddings, we need to be able to get in the mix on the dance floor.  Knowing a few moves can go a long way to making you extremely memorable.  The place I get most of my moves is at Equinox, which provides incredibly fun Zumba, Hip-Hop, and Dance classes.  Even if you have never been much of a dancer these classes can make you much more comfy dancing amongst the guests at a wedding.  The following clip is from my dance class’ annual Halloween special, where we are encouraged to dress up in costume and learn the steps to Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller dance.  Many of the people there don’t normally attend the dance class and have never learned the dance, yet by the end of the class everyone pretty much had it down.

On more than one occasion at a wedding this classic piece of music has come on and guests have gone nuts when I broke out a bit of the choreography.   Then before I knew it, everyone started to join in with the monster/zombie arms, which made for great pictures.  So for Halloween here’s your tip or treat from me:  hopefully this video will encourage you to join in and dance, or it will at least give you a good laugh seeing me dance around dressed like a crazy little red riding zombie.

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