Beth and Bry’s Wedding at the White Cliffs Country Club — blue skies, blue eyes, blue shoes, blue moon

The picture perfect weather on Beth and Bryan’s wedding was the type that every bride dreams of.  Blue skies with pretty puffy clouds and the temperature was just perfect, not too hot, not too cold.    But one thing was certainly steamy, and that was the incredible shoot we had on the beach at the White Cliffs Country Club.  My second shooter Shawn Black and I felt it was one of those shoots that every wedding photographer dreams of.  Beth and Bry were just soooooo in love with each other and the two were willing to try just about any pose possible.  They loved getting to spend some quality time on the beautiful beach, just the two of them, staring into each other’s stunning blue eyes.  When I asked Bryan if he could believe how pretty Beth looked that day he said with complete honesty and without changing his star struck gaze from Beth, “I’ve always thought she is the most beautiful girl in the world, I didn’t think it was possible for her to look even prettier, but somehow she did it.  I am the luckiest man on earth!”. I totally melted!  Yes, Bry is AWESOME, and Beth considers herself so lucky to have him.

While we were out on the beach I asked Bryan if he knew how to dip Beth.  He said no, but was willing to give it a try.  I gave him the basic instructions (which if you don’t know how to do a dip you can see my video blog post here that gives you step by step instructions) and he took to it like a fish to water and that quick lesson seemed to really stick with him.  The rest of the wedding, every opportunity he had he was dipping Beth.  I loved it!

The theme for the wedding was Tiffany’s blue and white, and Beth found so many different ways to weave the wedding colors into all the fantastic little details, all the way down to her adorable shoes.  With her birdcage veil, fantastic makeup that highlighted her amazing blue eyes by Cynthia Klocek, and dramatic dress Beth looked like something out of an old Hollywood movie.  I was so glad we had budgeted in a little time to take some shots of her all by herself looking so spectacular.  Their Justice of the Peace performed a beautiful and hilarious ceremony that had the perfectly matched couple in stitches.  You couldn’t have asked for a sweeter pair.

After our bridal portrait session on the beach it was time for more laughs at the reception.  Beth had two maids-of-honor and Bry had two best-men.  The girls elected to do their speeches together, but the guys decided who would go first by a battle royale of rock-paper-scissors.  Curiously the best-men both brought their iPhones up for the toast instead of the traditional glass of champagne. Old stories were shared by Bry’s good friend Ryan, but the one that really stuck with everyone was about Bry eating a bar of soap on a dare.  Ryan even brought a bar of soap to give Bry that night to commemorate that crazy night and Bry showed us all how it was done, taking a real bite into the soap. All I could think of was Ralphie in a Christmas Story getting his mouth washed out with soap.  After the speeches the couple got a shot with the super rare blue moon that was on the horizon that night. But they only stayed outside for a few moments before the infectious beats DJ Michael Salvati was laying down pulled the romantic couple to the dance floor.  After the parent dances it seemed like every guest at the wedding assembled on the dance floor and never left it until the end of the night.  It was incredible.  During the last dance of the night Bry brought Beth close to him and spoke softly to her.  I can only imagine the romantic things he said to her then because it elicited such a beautiful reaction from Beth.  She pulled him so close to her, it was like they were one.  And after that perfect once in a blue moon day, they are!  I couldn’t hold back the tears.  To see love so genuine made me just so incredibly honored to be there to capture it.  So the theme of the day may have been Tiffany’s blue, but this couple will surely never be blue as long as they are together.


  • Beth and Bryan brought in their own props for the photobooth.  The guests loved it because that meant they could take them out to the dance floor as well.    Most of the items can be purchased at a dollar store and make a big impact on the fun factor.
  • Beth wanted the cake toppers to be white adirondack chairs since the White Cliffs Country Club has them  all over the property.  She looked everywhere for actual chair cake toppers but couldn’t find them anywhere.  Beth had a stroke of genius and started to look at Christmas ornament shops instead of cake stores.  Sure enough she found two perfect little adirondack chairs.  So remember just because something isn’t an ACTUAL cake topper doesn’t mean you can’t have it on top of your wedding cake.
  • DJ Michael Salvati created the custom GoBo for the couple so that their names were on the floor.  He picked the font to match their tasteful theme.
  • Beth’s fab flowers were by Joanna Fiore.

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  1. Cynthia Klocek

    These pictures are beautiful!!!! I was Beth’s makeup artist!!! How nice to see how the entire day unfolded. You did an amazing job capturing their day. Pleasure meeting you.


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