A week to remember: Erin and Katie’s Wedding in Boston Harbor

For most couples the week of their wedding is incredibly memorable, but for Erin and Katie it was particularly so. When planning their destination wedding in Boston Harbor, the Seattle based sweethearts knew there was a small chance that the week of their wedding would be the same week the Pacific Lutheran University Lutes, the softball team Erin coaches, would make it to the World Series. With the Lutes hard work and Erin’s amazing coaching they swept through the post season and ended up in the NCAA Division III championship just days before their wedding. That week Erin and Katie came back home not just with wedding rings on their fingers but also with a world series trophy. During their vows, Erin attributed much of their success to Katie, saying that being with Katie has allowed her to dare to dream.

Erin and Katie told me that their goal was to have the most fun wedding ever for their guests coming in from all over. Since Holly Fawcett of In the Pink Ink was their wedding planner I had no doubt they would achieve their goal. She put together a fantastic multi-day extravaganza, including a visit to a Red Sox game, the sunset ceremony and dinner on Spectacle Island with live steel drum music, and a cruise in Boston Harbor for the reception. The sheer logistics of planning all the different ferries and trolleys for over 100 guests was amazing. Rue from Geraniums Red Delphiniums Blue created stunning and vibrant bouquets and decorations for the wedding that matched the colors of the sunset mixed with elements of the ocean like starfish boutonnieres. Second shooting with me this time was Sarah Vanessa, a talented up and coming wedding photographer based in New Hampshire that I met at an event with Jasmine Star. She did a fabulous job of capturing the details of the dinner tent while I took the formal shots.

Summer Shack provided full service catering on Spectacle Island. They had greeters there ready with signature cocktails for the guests as soon as they came off the ferry and had a fabulously delicious clam bake for dinner. After the dinner, the girls made a sparkler lit exit. Once the festivities on Spectacle Island were complete, it was time to board the Majesty and time to party! Every guest aboard took to the dance floor. To honor Katie’s Chicago roots they played “Go Cubs Go”. Realizing he was in Beantown and not Chi-Town, Katie’s dad gave a thumbs down during the song and cheered when “Sweet Caroline” was played. Later in the evening Katie and the Irish side of her family performed some lively Irish step dancing for the crowd. Erin tried her hand, I er ah mean foot, at step dancing as well. When the Irish dancing was done Erin’s brother Jake brought out some old school hip hop and did the worm. He was a little tired at the end of it though 😉 But it turned out he was no worse for wear and promptly got up and started doing some swing dancing moves with Erin. Without a doubt, Erin and Katie accomplished their goal. It was definitely the most fun wedding any of their guests had ever attended.

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