Kelley and Sean’s Royal tour of Boston College

Kelley and Sean met at Boston College so it was the perfect place to do their engagement shoot. Even though it was a fairly chilly morning, Kelley showed up in a Royal blue wrap dress with a pair of killer heels and Sean was in a matching Royal blue sweater. She braved the cold and looked pretty as a princess. Luckily the warmth they feel for each other seemed to radiate from them, warming up the icy morning. By the end of the shoot it was positively gorgeous out! Kelley and Sean took me all over the campus showing me some of their favorite old haunts. I felt like I was being given the real Royal treatment! Sean was the ultimate gentleman holding every door. When Kelley and Sean posed for my camera they looked elegant and regal. Then once I got home and started to edit the shots I realized what might have given them that extra oomph of majesty…Kelley’s dress was a dead ringer for Kate Middleton’s engagement dress. Kate may be the Duchess of Cambridge, but Kelley and Sean were surely the King and Queen of Boston that day!

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