Kelli and Andi’s Elopement at the Samuel Sewall Inn

I am always honored when a couple asks me to photograph their wedding. To be part of a couple’s incredibly special day is so amazing. Each and every wedding leaves a beautiful indelible mark on my memory. Usually I’m part of an army of wedding vendors along with friends and family that help to make the day. In the case of Kelli and Andi’s elopement at the Samuel Sewall Inn, it was the Justice of the Peace and me, and the intimacy of the ceremony made the experience even more special for me.

At first I was a bit nervous as it was the first same-sex wedding I would be covering and the girls had flown in from Colorado, so the first time I met them was the day of the ceremony. Any jitters I had quickly left upon meeting Andi and Kelli since they were so sweet and welcoming. They felt more like old friends than brand new clients. Susan Wilson officiated a touching ceremony in their room at the Samuel Sewall Inn, which the girls decorated with a lovely bouquet. Kelli could hardly contain her excitement during the ceremony, by the end she was bouncing in place in anticipation of their first kiss as a married couple. Their joy was palpable and I couldn’t hold back the tears. It was so wonderful to see a couple so genuinely thrilled to be married. I can still hear Kelli saying to Andi, “You are my wifey now! I have a WIFEY NOW!” Andi’s ear to ear smile was contagious. After the ceremony we went outside for a quick shoot in the surprisingly beautiful weather for early February. As we walked along the streets of Brookline we ran into several local residents that congratulated the girls on their marriage. This was a perfect end to a perfect day for Andi and Kelli. Congratulations girls! Thank you for giving me a day I will never forget!

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