Aaron and Pamela’s City Hall Wedding

Aaron and Pamela are a couple right after my own heart. The two beat out Matt and my 7 years of friendship before dating long-distance with a whopping 11 years of friendship before dating “long distance” while Aaron was stationed on a submarine! Each time they saw each other they found that it was even better than the last time. Aaron told me after their 3rd date he knew without a doubt that Pamela was the one. The way these two constantly kept each other in stitches and the loving looks they exchanged told me he was right.

Aaron’s fellow officers in the Navy suggested to him that he wait to propose dramatically on the bow of a ship upon returning from deployment, but he just couldn’t wait any longer. So within days of finding out he’d be deploying right after Christmas, he proposed to Pamela, and they decided to tie the knot before he took to the depths again.

It was quite cold outside that day, so while we did snap a few family shots with Quincy Market in the background, the friendly staff of the Boston News Cafe lent us their warm and comfy venue for a little photo shoot before the couple said their vows. They even gave us free egg nog to congratulate the happy couple and their families. During this shoot we realized why Aaron was so cold outside: in his excitement for the day, he had forgotten to put on socks!

Then it was off to city hall. While we waited our turn for the county clerk I had Aaron give me the rings which were engraved to say “Better than the last” to remember that every time they see each other it is even better than the last time, for the rest of their lives. The county clerk invited us into her office and gave the couple some great words of wisdom for a long and happy marriage. Then before they could even believe it, Aaron and Pamela were married. After we stopped by the registry division to get their marriage certificate we walked over to the lobby of the wonderful Millennium Hotel to get a few more family photos. There we were able to bask in the warmth of their fireplace and beautifully appointed lounge. At the end of the shoot Aaron said to me, “We had so much fun with the photographs that we decided to do an engagement shoot with you when I come back from deployment in April.” I said “Sure Aaron. It would be my pleasure… A little unconventional to do the engagement shoot AFTER the wedding, but anything works for me. Just remember socks next time!” =)

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