Dancing with the Dancing Photographer: Webisode #2 Dips

Happy Holidays and Happy Wed-Dance-Day to you all! This week Peter walks us through how to do a basic dip. For HD viewing, after clicking play, click on the 360p button and switch to 720pHD.


Ladies, remember to keep your back straight. Keep your spine and neck aligned. The dip comes from your partner bending his knee in the lunge and him holding you out in front of him, NOT from you bending backwards! Bending backwards is a recipe for hurting your back and is a total NO-NO! To do this move correctly you must trust your partner not to drop you. For a refresher on the basic hold, check out the first webisode here.

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  1. Yuliya M.

    Lovely! Very helpful, can’t wait for more sessions 😉

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